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How To Treat Coronavirus With Antiviral Medications

Coronavirus can be treated with triple therapy of  oseltamivir combined with HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir.  The cure rate is over 80%.

Oseltamivir alone has a cure rate of 5%, but most of it is due to the prevention of influenza.  Catching influenza on top of coronavirus is a sure death sentence.  So taking oseltamivir to prevent influenza is a must as we are in a severe flu season.

Currently the United States has over 15 confirm cases of coronavirus and no fatality.  Physicians in the USA are proactively treating coronavirus and its coinfections.

China has over 70,000 confirmed cases and over 700 deaths.  Chinese physicians are learning to use the triple therapy but most of the medications were sold out and are not in stock.

Vietnam has over 20 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1 fatality.  However, the number of unconfirmed cases are 20,000.  Vietnamese government is building a 3,000 bed hospital to treat the infected.

Cambodia has over 10 confirmed cases and 10,000 unconfirmed cases.  Cambodia healthcare system is not able to handle the outbreaks.

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